The Camilleri Allan family are deeply rooted in the Maltese Islands. Led by Jason and Damon, Exclusively Malta, presents tailor-made experiences that hone in on the uncommon and unexpected. Their whole focus, in developing their programs and services, has been on the North American traveler experience – one that is rich in culture and off-the-beaten path engagements.

With offices in Canada, the United States and Malta, Exclusively Malta is the premier destination management company for the most discerning of travelers who seek the highest level of service and quality for the ultimate Mediterranean experience in the Maltese Islands.


Damon Camilleri Allan

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Damon’s passion for Malta dates back to his first trip in 1994 but the years of cultivating experiences for travelers has cemented his love for the Islands. As a passionate foodie, he seeks out for unique ways to experience culture through food and drink. Direct interaction with local artisans in hearing their stories and feeling their passion further fuels his own.

Favorite Maltese Wine

Marsovin Marnisi

Favorite Maltese Food

Maltese bread, gbejna cheese and local olive oil

Jason Camilleri Allan

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Jason’s passion for Malta stems from his love of music and history. He has a keen interest in the band club culture, pre-historic temples and faith travel. His favorite time of year is Maltese Festa season which runs from May until early October. Jason has recently developed a program on Jewish culture on the islands that dates back to the early Roman period.

Favorite Maltese Beer

Cisk Lager

Favorite Maltese Food

Rabbit stew and local lampuki fish