Culture and History

No other country can scream as much culture and history when comparing land mass as the Maltese Islands do.  As Europe’s first civilization dating back to 5500 B.C., Malta is the preeminent destination for the cultural enthusiast.  The size of the islands ensure short driving distances to spectacular sites and attractions.  Consider the peoples who have settled and invaded Malta: Temple Builders, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Knights of St. John, Napoleon and finally the British. Valletta, the capital city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, boasts 320 monuments in a .2 square mile radius making it the most densely populated in the world for monuments.  Consider including the following sites when planning your trip with Exclusively Malta:


  Valletta the Capital
  Mdina the Old Capital
  Pre-historic Temples
  The Three Cities
  St. John’s Co-Cathedral and wayside chapels


These only provide a small snapshot of what can be experienced.


Faith runs very deep in the Maltese Islands – in fact one nickname for Malta is The Sacred Islands and it’s no wonder.  Consider the temple builders period, the shipwrecking of St. Paul and consequent conversion of the inhabitants to Christianity, our vast number or catacombs and the time period of the Knights of St. John.  Faith is expressed in our 364 parish churches and wayside chapels, our religious feasts – highlighted from the May to September inclusive, and so much more.  Malta is also arguably the very best country to experience at Easter time.  Possibilities run all year round for pilgrims and those interested in our unique faith history.


And how about our year-round festivals?  There truly isn’t a bad time to visit Malta.  Consider the following when planning your experience with us:


  Baroque Music Festival
  Mardi Gras / Carnival
  Easter Week
  Medieval Mdina Festival
  International Fireworks Festival
  Village Festivals
  Folk Festival
  Arts Festival
  Rolex Middle Sea Race & Mdina Grand Prix Race
  Beer, Bread, Strawberry, Olive, Olive Oil and Chocolate Festivals!

Temples of Malta

Festa Season in Malta