Incentive Travel

Malta has been a meeting place for thousands of years – from the Apostle Paul to presidents, dignitaries and small groups.  No matter the size or formality of the meeting or incentive group, Malta has a plethora of spectacular options for venues and experiences.  Consider our magnificent palazzos, forts, castles, gardens, cliffs and more for your venues.  The options do not stop there.  Other special settings include village squares, luxury yachts and exclusive seafront facilities.
Allow the Maltese Islands to show your employees just how much you appreciate them.  Some options include:


 Team Building
There’s nothing better than a common objective or an intriguing challenge to bring out the team player within.  Get your staff to build and race a functioning life-size cardboard ‘boat’ or ‘car’.  Make the most of the climate, the beaches and the surrounding Mediterranean Sea with beach Olympics and water sport competitions, using jet-skis, yachts and speedboats. Alternatively send your people on a time-travelling quest with Medieval games and joust tournaments.


 Maltese Delicacies
Tickle their taste buds with a mouth-watering dinner.  Select from authentic Maltese dishes (which is very much in line with Mediterranean cuisine) or opt for an international menu; either way our caterers will exceed your expectations.  If you’re looking for something less formal, take your guests for a barbecue on one of our beaches or for a fenkata (rabbit meal).  Alternatively rent out one of the splendidly refurbished farmhouses on Gozo and get an expert chef to teach your team how to cook a particular dish… and savor it!


Get Active
The very character of the landscape of the Maltese Islands make them popular sites for various sports and outdoor activities.  Discover the islands through a jeep rally; get lost and found – but most importantly, leave your everyday stress behind.  The more intrepid explorers can experience the thrills of rock climbing or abseiling.  Environmentally friendly guests, keen to travel in a carbon-friendly way can adventurously explore the terrain on a bicycle trail or enjoy a country-side walk.


Relaxed at Sea
The Mediterranean Sea is something worth beholding.  Delegates looking for a relaxing activity to get away from it all can take in the fresh air as they experience a fishing trip on a luzzu (traditional Maltese fishing boat).  Those looking for something more suave could take pleasure on a luxury yacht cruise; sailing them all the way from Malta to Comino and later to Gozo.  If island hopping isn’t on the agenda an evening cruise or dinner aboard a traditional Turkish sailing vessel would be an excellent option for your guests.  For those whose passion is diving, the underwater caves of Gozo offer spectacular opportunities for marine observation.


 The Good Life
Malta offers many opportunities for your guests to unwind and relax following a busy day. Whether they partake in luxurious massages and facials offered by hotel spas or soak up the Mediterranean sun poolside, your guests will feel refreshed and renewed. Alternatively, slowly meandering the quaint streets of Maltese villages, with a steaming cup of coffee in hand and friendly locals to talk to is also a great way to spend a leisurely afternoon. If betting is the name of your game, an evening at one of the island’s casinos would enable you to take your chances… hopefully all the way to the bank!