Small Group Experience

For the most authentic Maltese experience when traveling with a group – the size is important.  We pride ourselves in being able to deliver the best small group travel program to the Maltese Islands.  Minimums are not an issue however the maximum should be no more than 17 persons.  Why exactly no more than 17?  We want your group to have access to those special restaurants, have a door to door experience with a small shuttle, and intimate private boat experiences.  Here are some other advantages of traveling in a small group: 


  Itinerary with free time is fully planned out by experts
  Your tour director is your personal concierge
  Stay at luxurious and quaint hotels
  Special pricing for group packages
  Access to the inaccessible for most individuals
  Planned surprise and special experiences
  Traveling with others offers comfort in travel


These only provide a small snapshot of what can be experienced: