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Our Ethos

Behind every distinctive itinerary that we curate, there is passion to touch each and every visitor to the Maltese Islands in such a profound way that they leave Malta having had one of the most exciting/moving experiences in travel. Inasmuch as Malta is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, we work hand in hand with people of all pronouns, races and religions to ensure that their individualities are imprinted. With Exclusively Malta, it’s not more of a friends experience than a touristic one; we’ll share what we love most about Malta and developing your own personal storyline.

Why choose us?


Providing authentic and exclusive experiences, the Maltese Islands are an oasis for the cultural enthusiast and keen explorer.


From exploring possibilities to the fulfillment of your journey. We are with you every step of the way.


The key to creating a perfect experience is in knowing the personality and desires of each traveller. Exclusively Malta are your personal curators.

What we do


7000 years of significant history for the cultural enthusiasts. From ancient temples to St. Paul and the Knights of St. John, delight your every sense of exploration.


Dive into the world of Maltese cuisine and drink. From cooking classes to specialized food tours, we’ve got every base covered.


Providing the very best in small group experiences. Spend between 7 and 10 nights covering all 3 of the Maltese Islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino.


Romance with Malta as the striking backdrop. Whether it’s a destination wedding or a spectacular honeymoon, Malta’s charm will overwhelm you.


Celebrating inclusive travel for all. Malta continues to occupy the number one spot on the Rainbow Europe Map.


Take an adventurous perspective by land and sea. Countryside bicycling, quad biking, scuba diving some of the clearest waters in the world and more!


An exclusive discovery of a unique and remarkable Jewish history.


Well beyond the ordinary. Our accommodations are extraordinary. Premier experiences including resorts, boutique hotels, villas, palazzos & farmhouses.



I chose to visit Malta because of the warm weather in April, I had no idea the magnificent experience that this would be! All arrangements were made through Exclusively Malta, the process was so simple and efficient. Since the moment we arrived until our departure every detail was taken care of. The choice of hotels was lovely, the restaurants were hand picked and served very different food and the tours were exceptional! We enjoyed aspects of Malta that are only known to the locals! Our driver was wonderful, he took care of us in every possible way, courteous and respectful! Our guide was so knowledgeable and a warm and caring person! My thanks for planning this memorable vacation!

Lisa Davidovich

I just had a long call with KB….who you may recall was a client of mine that you hosted in Malta. Anyhow….we realized that he had not really given me a full report from his Malta trip so he did that just now. Simply put, he was blown away. It has totally re-wired the way he thinks about travel. We will for sure get him back for another trip and ideally he will send some of his friends my way so that we can get Exclusively Malta to give them the royal treatment.

Craig Nattress - Founder of Nattress and Company

You are the very best travel hosts EVER! Thank you for 4 incredible days and service that went above and beyond my very high expectations. Available as a reference at: [email protected]

Nancy Epstein, Founder & CEO of Artistic Tile

You are absolutely my go-to source for any booking to Malta. You and company always seem to go the extra step (without being prodded) to be sure I have the information I need for my clients. Your care for them on site has been thoughtful. Clients come home raving about your guides. I wish more tour operators were as thorough and well-informed as Exclusively Malta.

Margery Coen, Luxury Travel Advisor

The itinerary offered real insight into the country and its history. We had a great walking tour of Valletta and had a very special tour of a private Palazzo with the descendants of the original family which was outstanding. Highly recommend.

D. Laabs

Jason listened carefully to our requests (wine tasting, some hiking, boutique hotel in the center of Valletta, food experiences and one on one encounters) and incorporated them all and provided us with a great and flexible guide and driver.

T. Hutchinson

Jason and Damon were fantastic from our initial conversation until the tour ended. Jason and Damon were incredibly responsive to all concerns and planned several exclusive events for us which were memorable.

N. Taulib

To see as much as we did, you need a well planned, well executed schedule. Each day in Malta, we had private visits, but our favorites were the private after-hours visit to St. Johns Cathedral, the Chef Shopping, Cooking & Lunch on Gozo, the Palazzo Falzon in Mdina with Curator and a private palazzo. Unbelievably, there were still several “experiences” that couldn’t be arranged due to our timing. We’ll have to go back!

V. Meyer

Malta is amazing and, for those of you who’ve never been here, consider putting it high on your list.

S. Spiegel

Malta was marvelous, and we thoroughly enjoyed all of it – most of which we’re pretty sure we got to see. The itinerary couldn’t have been better for us. In short, we had a great time, and we thank you most sincerely for having arranged it for us.

T. Maresca

My whole group were delighted with every aspect of the tour along with all the little extra's you provided which were always a lovely addition. You have won me and all my fellow traveler's over with your over the top personal service and your attention to detail. Sincerely

Betty Shukster, Luxury Travel Advisor

I had the chance to personally use Exclusively Malta's services in October, and I can tell you that they are top notch. I would highly recommend Malta as a destination, but even if you have passengers who are only doing a one day shore excursion, this is the company to use. Do not let your clients see only Valletta – have Damon and Jason to get them to Rabat, a visit with an artisan gilder, see Mdina and St. John’s! Your clients will thank you – we were gone 25 days and this experience was one of our top three!

D. Bell - Luxury Travel Advisor

Damon is very hands on, and he has many local connections. Extremely personal and service oriented. We did a lot in 4 days! But it was not overwhelming, the people were very friendly, English is the official language, and it is quite safe. They say that the island is small and there is no place for criminals to hide.

L. Kemper. Luxury Travel Advisor

My client just spent a half hour telling my how wonderful their experience was - how well planned it was and what a great time she had. What most impressed her was the little surprises, the table prepared for them at the Canons with drinks and hors d'oeuvres, the special attention, all unexpected. In the countryside, the personal visits with locals were wonderful. My recommendations re pacing were followed to a T. Actually, her impression was that everyone was listening to what her needs were and was happy to fulfill the smallest request. All the positive feedback is really significant, but they are very experienced travelers. She knows what's good and what is not. No negatives, only positives.

J. Simic, Luxury Travel Advisor

We are 50/50 about recommending Malta since its such a great place and we wouldn't want it to become too popular.

Honeymoon Travellers

Hey guys! Wanted to thank you all again for taking the time to plan such a spectacular family trip to Malta for all of us. It means so much that you put so much time and thought into what we do every day + who we interact with — the effort really shows and makes the trips utterly seamless. Thanks again for all your hard work, we appreciate it more than you can imagine! Thank you and you will be our Malta people forever !!

L. Cohen, Luxury Travel Advisor

Fantastic tour of Malta with Joseph our guide and Adrian our driver. Experienced Malta to the fullest. Great restaurant suggestions. Thank you so much.

Clients of P. Orchin, Luxury Travel Advisor

Every door opens for our clients. It's always timely and exciting to work with Exclusively Malta. Like us luxury travel advisors, our clients are well traveled and a lot of the world is too familiar. There are few places that give me butterflies when I am there because it is so other worldly. Malta is one of those places. Malta is so incredible - out of this wold and surreal.

Jamo Ladd - Director, Leisure Sales, Avenue Two Travel

My group has just returned from their cruise, and they were thrilled with the tour that your guide gave them. They loved Malta, I am sure in no small part because of the wonderful experience they had. Thanks so much for creating this tour for them, and for executing it so wonderfully.

L. Spinner

Every single day worked out like a Maltese clock! It was a wonderful trip, and I hope that more people will choose to visit Malta. If interested travelers ask us, we'll recommend your expertise.

O. Weber, Travel Advisor

Thank you so very much for all your attention to my clients. I know you made their trip extra special. I truly hope to have more guests come your way!

S. Brodner, Luxury Travel Advisor

Thank you for the updates. I love that you take the time to let me know how the clients’ experience was handled and the feedback.

M. Levine, Luxury Travel Advisor

We all thoroughly enjoyed the day in Malta Your guide was lovely and very accommodating. Thanks for your quick follow up. Very impressive. I hope to send lots of business your way.

P. Miller

Jason and Damon’s experience in the industry is second to none and their "Customer First" philosophy is so welcoming. I hope to be doing business with them for a long time.

Natalina Bombino Campagnolo Founder, Natalina's Kitchen

This is Malta

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Maltese Islands are an oasis that provides a very unique mix of culture, history, nature and relaxation. With a local population of just over 460,000 and a land mass of 122 square miles, you can see and do more within short driving distances. Some seek out Malta for its rich UNESCO heritage, World War II history or the Knights of St. John storyline. Whatever the reason for visiting, our islands will leave you speechless. #braggingrights


Tailored to your needs

Let us craft the perfect experience for you – taking your personality and desires into consideration. We stand out as the best host in the Maltese Islands because of our dedication to attention and personalization.

Lawrence Formosa – Bringing Back Falconry

Lawrence Formosa – Bringing Back Falconry

December 7, 2020

Travellers to the Maltese Islands who visit the famed Blue Grotto often stop at an upper viewpoint to capture the Grotto’s magnificence.  If they happen to visit on a Sunday, they may very well see a man dressed in period clothing with birds that include owls and falcons.  Lawrence Formosa has been delighting visitors to […]

Brand Cause

Supporting the mission of the Order of St. John (Knights of Malta):
Upholding human dignity and caring for people in need.